Yes, we perform at weddings, BUT…

We get asked to do dozens every year, but we limit our wedding performances to only a few per season because summer time is festival season for us so depending on the date of the wedding, the future bride & groom might have to come up with an unusually thick stack of c-notes to get us away from the fests.

At the end of the day though, we’d still end up costing less than the big wedding bands in Chicago, and we’ll definitely send guests home with more memories!

Family Friendly – and FUN

“Oh Dear, what will Aunt Edna say when she hears that rap noise at your wedding?”

Don’t worry. First of all, Aunt Edna probably won’t even hear us because we start with a DJ — and even if she sticks around long enough, she’d end up hearing the same old school songs that any wedding band with half a clue plays these days (like Bust a Move, Ice Ice Baby and Rappers Delight)
— only we actually sound legit playing them and give an entertaining visual spectacle while playing them.

When the Music’s Right…

…They Party All Night


Start Off Easy

When Too Hype Crew performs at weddings, we have a DJ start the night with the typical music young couples need to appease their older relatives and to perform all the traditional events like introductions, the couple’s first dance, father/daughter dance, etc.

Then Crank it Up!

But when it’s time to kick it into high gear later in the night, TWC bum rushes the stage so your guests can brush off their best running man, cabbage patch and Roger Rabbit.

Give Your Wedding the TWC Experience

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

The best thing about having us at a wedding may not even be our dope playlist or the stage performance. It’s what we do to customize elements of the show to the bride and groom so the whole experience is nothing less than unforgettable.

Never a Dull Moment

Whether it’s giving gag gifts like a delicious forty of Colt 45 to the bridal party, having the bride take a pull of Boone’s Farm for an extra fly photo op…or gathering stories about friends and family in advance of the wedding so we can clown about them on the mic — we bring everyone together and make them laugh. We’re regularly told that we MADE the wedding.

Wanna Take it to Another Level?

We can add theme elements like dookie chains as the bridal party gift – given out right before we start…or have the waiters come around to the bridal party’s table, asking what wine they’d like and the choices are a 2017 Strawberry Hill or Blue Hawaiian. All our themed elements (we have many more) don’t make the wedding any less formal or elegant. We’ll leave that to the actions of your guests, like when your uncle starts doin’ “the worm”.

The Wedding Performance

Song Selection

Feel free to view our master song list – But don’t be scared. We know what’s appropriate for a wedding (probably not “Thong Song”). We treat wedding shows very different than club shows. There’s no swearing and even the suggestive phrases get altered.

Transition to Late Night

We begin with all the harmless mainstream hip hop anthems so the Gangster’s Paradise and Gin & Juice’s are late in the night (if you even want them at all).

Turn Up the Heat (How High is Up to You)

We put a governor on the Fly Girls’ twerkin’ and we all wear extra fly, black & white warm up suits. All the girls’ 6-packs are covered (that is, unless you want the half shirts). We perform in and out of the DJ as needed to be sure the dance floor stays packed.

We Don’t Hit the Breaks

We’re not divas either, so we’ll roll with the vibe of the party. There’s no “45 min on, 15 min off” buuhlsheeeit when you’re dealing with TWC.

See For Yourself

Sarah Spain (ESPN Columnist, Host, Reporter) and Brad Zibung

This was one wedding party they’re still talking about! Lovely Sarah and happy hubby Brad enjoyed a fun filled, romantic, one of a kind experience with family and friends.

TWC made sure everyone had the time of their life. The forties were flowin’ and the dance floor was jumpin’ all night.

So whoomp there it is. Are we a wedding band? Heeeal naw. Do we rock at weddings though? Pffft, does Warren G regulate?