We understand that every private party is a unique creation that often requires outside the box thinking and coordination in order to ensure the best possible entertainment experience for everyone involved. Let our experienced team of professionals help bring your event concept to life. We know how to throw a party!

Corporate Events

Just because it’s a corporate event doesn’t mean you can’t have FUN!!!

THC shows the suits how to loosen up and bust a move. Here’s our recipe for success: If you really want to see your co-workers shake those money makers, we recommend a healthy dose of THC, two aspirin, and take the next day off.

Some of the amazing companies that have jumped on the THC train include Google, Microsoft ,GrubHub, Lever, Miller-Coors, Anheuser-Busch, Transunion, and Playboy.

THC has also done countless events for private corporate entities and investment groups celebrating various milestones and holidays.

Consider booking Too Hype Crew for your next corporate outing or event. Your employees will thank you later!

Theme Parties

THC coordinates with clients to build amazing themes into their party experience.

Imagine the guest of honor receiving a “special reserve” bottle of Strawberry Hill to commemorate the day or an edible boom box cake complete with gold chain and cassettes.

Party goers receive packs of “Yo! MTV Raps” trading cards from 1991 while the Fly Girls lead line dances in between sets, awarding Colt 45 swag to those who perform the best running man, Roger Rabbit and “the worm”. You can also expect complimentary pulls off a Mad Dog bottle, brown bag 40’s, Boon’s Farm Jell-O shots, and a rousing booty shake contest among guests. Now that’s something your boss won’t soon forget!

THC has also done a ton of private parties for people in-the-know, you know who you are!

Reach out if you’re interested in letting THC bum rush your next theme party.

Weddings, Birthdays, and Occasions

So now you want THC to do your wedding…

Some of you may have heard through the grapevine about how THC sometimes tears it up at weddings with folks dancing and grinding all night long. Fact is, THC gets asked to do a lot of weddings.

If you just found out about THC, take a look around and learn a little about the band and what they do so this all makes sense.

If you’re already a fan and are interested in having THC perform at your wedding, checkout the wedding page for more details on how to make that special day even more special.

Checkout This Party!

THC helped throw a birthday party they’ll never forget.

To surprise his wife, Andy not only threw a 40th birthday celebration but he hosted a party and concert at the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina that guests are still raving about. THC helped Andy put together a party that got 220 people shaking their booty. Forty has never felt so young!

Production & Planning Services

THC is a full-service operation that can handle just about anything when it comes to event production and planning. We’re more than just a band that shows up and plays!

We have the ability to provide a complete turn-key solution for your event including staging, lighting, sound, mobile, projection, special effects, and any other production requirement.

We can also help plan your event from concept to cleanup and everything in between. We work with clients, promoters, and venue management to make sure every performance event is exciting, memorable, and flawlessly produced.